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From MOSAAB, the founder of
Ramadan 1444 Hijri (2023) changed my life, and that's when the idea of building an Islamic brand did enter to my action plan.
Mossab @ MuslimX Founder - In Madinnah.
Ramadan 23, 1444 Hijri (2023) | Al Masjid Al Nabawi After Fajr.
That's the day where I started questioning myself, do all the million dollar businesses I own benefit Islam and muslims directly? more importantly, do these businesses benefit me in Dunia only, or Akhirah too? How can I use what I'm the best at to get closer to Allah SWT and win Akhirah too? and that's when MuslimX idea came from. I did master products building the past 6 years, and generated thousands of sales online for many products.
Why not doing that now with Islamic products, and instead of profits-focus, the #1 priority is building products that will help Ummah get closer to Allah. 
At MuslimX, we are not declaring that we are a non-profit at the moment, since we believe profits are a way on how businesses keep growing and developing, but definitely we have a large percentage % of profits that is planned to be re-invested into MuslimX again and the marketing so we can spread our beloved religion and make our ads visible to non-muslims too.
We have just started, we appreciate our clients support every single day Alhamdullilah.